Southwestern Group Theory Day

University of Arizona, Mathematics Department, Room 501, Saturday, November 8, 2008.

  1. 8:00-8:30 Coffee, Welcome
  2. 8:30-8:50 Frauke Bleher, University of Iowa, ''Lifting problems for representations of dihedral 2-groups''
  3. 9:00-9:20 Hung Ngoc Nguyen, Michigan State University, ''Representations of $^3D_4(q)$ are reducible over proper subgroups''
  4. 9:30-9:50 Kyle Pula, University of Denver, ''Translating the Hall-Paige conjecture for groups into non-associative contexts''
  5. 10:00-10:20 Break
  6. 10:20-10:40 Selin Kalaycioglu, University Of Arizona, ''The Projective Indecomposable Modules of $M_{24}$''
  7. 10:50-11:10 James Cossey, University of Akron, ''Alperin weights and normal subgroups in groups of odd order''
  8. 11:20-12:10 Michael Kinyon, University of Denver, ''The structure of commutative, automorphic loops''
  9. 12:15-2:00, LUNCH
  10. 2:00-2:20 Aaron Wootton, University of Portland, ''Topological and Conformal Group Actions on Compact Oriented Surfaces''
  11. 2:30-3:20 Petr Vojtechovsky, University of Denver, ''Nilpotency in loops and their inner mapping groups''
  12. 3:25-3:45 Coffee
  13. 3:45-4:05 J.D. Phillips, Wabash College, ''Loops ``close'' to groups; a survey of recent results''
  14. 4:15-5:05 Robert Guralnick, University of Southern California, ''Derangements in Permutation Groups and Applications''

On Saturday evening, interested participants will be going out to dinner in Tucson.